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I started All Things Country LLC in my second semester of my freshman year in College. I was living off of student loans and wanted an extra $20 a month to go get subway once and a while. I had seen some camo purses online that I wanted to buy but they were so expensive for me. Ranging between $50-$100 and I was going to spend the extra money I had on them. But then I thought, what if someone sold these close to wholesale price? Help people like me be able to afford awesome things like this. So I took a risk and spent what little I had left of a student loan and bought some purses and made a Facebook page in February of 2013, and sold them on there. Slowly, the page started to grow, and so did business. Two months later in April I married my boyfriend of two years at the age of 17 and he was 19. We then later had our first child Ben in October of 2013. The business continued to grow and we gained more and more amazing customers to the point that this became a full time job for my husband would have to help me sometimes now and then too. Then in March of 2014, we had hit 50K likes on Facebook. We were both so happy that we had so many people like our page. We had about 4,000 orders under our belt by this time and it seems that is when things took off. In May we had hit 100K likes on Facebook and grew even more. It is now November of 2016 and we have had over 38,000 orders and 900K likes on Facebook. We are so beyond blessed to have so many amazing supporters and followers. We plan to keep growing and getting in more great things for our customers at a price they love!