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Getting Through The Loss Of Our Son

As a few may know, this year my husband and I lost our two and a half year old son Ben unexpectedly. To say the least, it has been the hardest and most painful thing we have ever experienced. He was here one day, and gone the next. I still don't quite understand it. When we lost him, I was also 32 weeks pregnant with our second child Jason. Jason has been our rock that has helped us get through this tough time. 

When we lost him, we did fall behind on orders and mistakes did happen. As 2017 approaches, we just want all of our customers to know that we appreciate your support, prayers and kind words you have given us through this time. We have worked hard to get caught up on where we fell behind and get our mistakes corrected. We are very sorry if your order was in anyway effected by us falling behind this year. We are working towards faster shipping and better service as the new year approaches. We greatly appreciate your support and business.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!